Kim & John Scheub

USA - Mallorca

I was looking for something special to celebrate my 50th birthday and I came across the Le Domestique website. I’d never heard of them before but it sounded like the right combination of challenging rides and excellent support. So my wife and I took the plunge.

Right away we challenged Rob and Riley with our lost luggage problem but they handled it in stride by hauling us back and forth to the airport at the beck and call of Iberia Airlines.

We were charmed by our posh villa location and impressed at its convenience for cycling. They had the rides scouted and mapped so I didn’t have to worry about anything but pushing the pedals and enjoying the scenery. Somehow they had even managed to find us compatible tour mates. The 3 John and Kim tour was a complete mixing success. The other riders were well matched for ability and personality…a factor that markedly raised the enjoyment of the trip.

When the weather came calling with rain, Rob was able to alter the plans on the fly and provide us with safe and reasonable alternatives. We were able to get a good workout on the climbs and then safely shuttle the descent to make it home alive to fight another day.

It was wonderful to come home every day to expertly crafted meals using the best of the local gustatory treats. Breakfast and coffee waiting every morning sure felt luxurious as well.

Finally, I need to mention the coaching. It was lovely to have experts on hand to help unravel the mysteries of training, rest, and nutrition. The technical aspects of descending presentation provided useful tips as well. Going down the mountain became even more carefree when I put the tips into practice. Having other cycling geeks around to talk tech and bikes was a welcome relief from the eye rolling I get at work!

All in all, I couldn’t have made a better choice for my special 50th birthday cycling holiday. I am very grateful to Rob, Riley, and all the support staff for presenting us with such a fine product!